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About us

Polish Aviation Club is a platform for discussion, exchange information or opinions and promotion a aviation issues. The aims of the Polish Aviation Club are:
⇒ Developing public awareness and interested institutions about the role of aviation for the economic, social and cultural development of the state.
⇒ Integration of the aviation environment.
⇒ Promote the development of aviation, training and aviation education.
⇒ Promote and deepen knowledge of aviation, aviation and aviation processes and programs within the European Union and in the world.
⇒ Support for legislative processes at the expert level.



The objectives of the Polish Aviation Club are realized through:
1. Cooperation with the broadly understood aviation community, public institutions, research institutes and universities in Poland and abroad.
2. Initiatives for the sustainable and harmonious development of the Polish aviation industry.
3. Presenting positions to public authorities in law making, strategies and plans for aviation development in Poland and in the EU.
4. Organize regular meetings with important people from the aviation industry, Polish and foreign guests.
5. Conducting scientific and technical information as well as studies and analyzes, publishing activities and activities in the organization of trainings, conferences and fairs.
6. Collaborate with other organizations of this type in Europe and in the world.



Polish Aviation Club is an open body for new members of natural persons but also institutions, organizations and companies related to the aviation industry. Remains also open to contacts and cooperation with the relevant aviation organizations in Europe and around the world. We propose the possibility to develop: opinions on innovation for investment needs, expertise, studies and analyzes, didactic and scientific aids, other publications.


See our publication: http://pkl.org.pl/publikacje-3/ 

Polski Klub Lotniczy jest platformą dyskusji, wymiany informacji i opinii oraz promocji problematyki lotniczej.